Established in 2020, Herbal Heritage Farms is both an apothecary and a farm. Our goal is to provide locally made and sourced herbal based products as well as fresh herbs and flowers to Cincinnati and surrounding areas. We also aim to educate and provide an easy understanding on how you can incorporate herbs into you every day life.

We specialize in every day products for the every day herbalist. Herbalism is a large field with a lot of information and we get it, not everyone has the time to research, formulate, and make their own herbal based products. Incorporating herbs into your daily routine should not be stressful. We offer simple and easy to use herbal products to support your lifestyle and goals. You don’t have to dedicate your life to understanding the ins and outs of herbalism in order to incorporate herbs in your life. Herbs are for everyone at any level.

Meet the Team


Morgan is the founder of Herbal Heritage farms with a background in native plants and urban agriculture. She is a University of Cincinnati graduate with a BS in Horticulture. She has worked as a landscaper, landscape designer, environmental educator, hydroponics farmer, and interior plant tech. Her passion for plants and reconnecting with nature inspired her to create Herbal Heritages Farms to help reconnect people to nature and provide locally crafted supportive herbal products for everyone.


Luke joined the team shortly after Herbal Heritage Farms was created. During the 2020 Pandemic both he and Morgan explored their passion of plants and foraging. Luke’s passion for breadmaking has launched a new avenue for the farm as he incorporates fresh ingredients from the farm into his bread. He is a social worker by trade, earning his BS in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati.