Garden/Landscape Design & Land Management Consultation

Planning your garden, designing your home landscaping, or deciding how you want to manage your land for yourself and/or wildlife can be difficult. One of the services we provide here at Herbal Heritage Farms is a land management and design consultation. 
One acre permaculture design for small urban brewery

Meet The Designer

Hi, I’m Morgan! The head farmer at Herbal Heritage Farms & Apothecary. I started my horticulture career in maintaining and and designing gardens/landscapes for homeowners. I enjoy working with people and planning out the perfect landscape for their home! My focus is on low-maintenance and native gardens. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in horticulture which gave me the formal education I need for both maintaining and designing landscapes. While at the University of Cincinnati I focused on urban agriculture, organic farming, and permaculture. I also attended Hocking College where I received my Associates Degree in Natural Resources Law Enforcement with a focus on wildlife management and education. 

I love designing multi use gardens for home owners. Being able to get people out into nature is one of my passions and it is something I believe anyone at home can do. My education has helped guide me in being able to design garden spaces meeting many needs. From edible gardens and water management, to wildlife gardens and low maintenance gardens, there is no garden project too big or too small for me!

Types of Design and Consultation Work We Provide

Home Landscaping Design

Curb side appeal doesn’t have to be just for the curbside! Landscaping for both your front yard and back yard can be designed to meet any of your needs whether it’s capturing water run off, edible landscaping, or even creating wildlife habitats in your yard, anything can be achieved in even the smallest of yards!

Home Landscaping Designs start at $250

Land Management & Wildlife Gardens

Do you want to know what plants you have on your property and what to do with them? Want to attract wildlife to your home or even deter some? We can help aide in identifying what is on your property and how to manage you land to meet your goals. 

Initial consultation starts at $75 and design pricing at $250

Home Garden Design

Starting a vegetable, cut flower garden, or any urban garden can be difficult. We will gladly work with you to help plan out the garden of your dream from layout to infrastructure to plant selection. If you’re looking for something simple, check out some of our premade garden designs for homeowners!

Home Garden designs start at $100

Organic Practices & Sustainability

 We design all of our landscapes and garden with organic practices and suitability in mind. Attracting beneficial insects and pollinators and choosing organic control methods to help your gardens flourish. 

Permaculture & Urban Farming

 Permaculture and urban agriculture go hand in hand in one of the newest gardening trends. Permaculture isn’t just for big organic farms, it can even be used in your yard. Permaculture has influenced the way many of our designs are done. If you are interested in a permaculture design we can definitely do that!

Extensive Plant Knowledge

We specialize in Midwestern native plants, edible & medicinal plants, and plants for the urban environment. We can find the perfect plant for your needs regardless of the environment you are trying to grow in!


English Rose Garden

What’s Included

Home Landscaping Design

Landscaping doesn’t have to be hard to maintained nor does it have to be just something pretty to look at. We specialize in native, low maintenance, and multi use gardens.  

We specialize in midwestern flora and fauna so this service is only available to OH, KY, IN, MI, PA, IL, MO, & IA   

Home landscaping can be designed to

  • Manage water run off & erosion
  • Attract pollinators and birds to your home
  • Create a sound/sight barrier from your neighbors
  • Be an utility garden with a focus of cut flowers or edible plants
  • A combo of these or more!

Home Landscaping Design Includes

  • Layout of plant placement and design
  • Plant List & Bloom Chart
  • Care & Planting Guide


Pricing starts at $250 for a single yard (front or back yard) and will vary depending on size and complexity of the design wanted.

Wildlife gardens overlap between home landscaping and land management. If you are interested in a small pollinator garden for a front or back yard it will qualify under our home landscaping. If you are looking for the creation of a wildlife habitat over 500sqft it would fall under our land management consultation. 

Land Management & Wildlife Gardens

We offer both consultation and design services to help you manage your land. We specialize in midwestern flora and fauna so this service is only available to OH, KY, IN, MI, PA, IL, MO, & IA   

Consultation Includes

  • 1 hour zoom or phone call
  • Discussing what your goals are with the land 
  • Brief Identification of what is on the property and how it may influence your plans
  • Next steps in moving forward with your goals
  • Email follow up summarizing what we went over in the consultation

Initial Consultation is $75. If you choose to purchase a land management plan the $75 will go towards the plan cost

Land Management Plan Includes

  • Soil survey of property
  • Step by step plan of action needed to achieve the land management goals
  • Design layout for planned gardens, landscaping, livestock, timber, etc
  • Care sheet for the plants in the design plan

Land Management plans start at $350 depending on size, needs, and complexity of the plan

Home Garden Design

We specialize in designing garden for zones 5-7 but can help with gardens in any zone within North America.

Home Garden Design Includes

  • PDF Layout of garden space
  • Plant layout and list of plants you want to grow
  • Care & Maintenance list
  • Planting and Harvest times
  • Needed infrastructure and resources to either buy or build


Customized garden designs start at $100 and will vary depending on zone, size, and complexity of the design. Permaculture gardens start at $200

Contact us to start your consultation!

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